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Save the Children

Save the Children provides support for
children in rural America. They have
been part of Morgan County for 16
years. There is a variety of programming
available to help serve and support local
youth and families.
Early Steps To School Success
Early Steps provides education services to
children from birth to age five, support to
parents and other caregivers and ongoing
training to community educators. The
program is designed to assist children in
language, social and emotional development;
to equip parents with the skills and
knowledge to successfully support their
children’s growth; and to develop strong
home-school connections.
For More Information contact-
Melinda Moore- [email protected]
Kindergarten Readiness
Kindergarten Readiness is an extension of
the Early Steps programming. It targets
children aged 3-5 who are not enrolled in
a preschool program. Groups meet 3-4
times per month in each community in
our county. Caregivers and children
receive access to learning activities that
help ready children for classroom
For More Information contact-
Kim Summers- [email protected]
Daytime Literacy, After-School and
Summer Programming
Programs are designed to support children
and their school communities to increase the
number of children proficient in reading and
math by 3rd grade. Through in-school, afterschool and summer offerings, children
have the opportunity to participate in
additional activities designed to accelerate
For More Information contact-
Wartburg- [email protected]
Together Morgan County
Community Collaborative
Save the Children's Community Engagement
programming supports kindergarten
readiness skills and 3rd grade proficiency in
literacy and math by increasing access to
high-quality learning opportunities, growing
awareness around the importance of early
childhood learning, building capacity among
caregivers, and developing partnerships to
support local efforts. The Collaborative typically meets on the 2nd
Friday of each month at Morgan County
Schools Central Office at 9:00 am EST. Follow our page on Facebook Together
Morgan County. (Scan the QR code)
For More Information contact-
[email protected]